Calgary-Based DJ/Producer Jack Trades Links Up With Piques And Rachel West To Drop New Single ‘Right Thing’

jack trades right thing

Renowned Canadian talent Jack Trades returns with his first sonic offering of the year, ‘Right Thing’.

This time around, he’s joined alongside esteemed DJ/producer Piques and singer/songwriter Rachel West. The new collaborative effort directly follows up Jack Trades and Heather Jannsen’s ‘On My Mind’ from the tail end of last October, in addition to Piques’ ‘Me Without You’ from this January and West’s ‘You Make Hope Look Good’ from the same month. Out now via Physical Presents, ‘Right Thing’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

The emotionally-charged tune immediately begins with a hushed vocal, courtesy of Rachel West. A catchy four-on-the-floor beat quickly follows, and is paired perfectly with her flawlessly-executed vocal performance.

Soaring, anthemic, and rife with sonic profundity, her singing voice glides throughout the entirety of the three minute runtime, leaving the listener with a strong desire for more. Piques and Jack Trades provide a propelling, club-ready ambiance to the track with their signature production sensibilities, infusing it with a much-needed electronic dance music flair that goes hand-in-hand with Rachel West’s flowing vocal and rich lyricism.

“When I wrote the instrumental demo and sent it over to Piques and Rachel, they came actually back to me with the initial concept of ‘Right Thing’. Rachel being the amazing songwriter she is, wrote something emotional yet upbeat, which had me hooked right away. Rachel created a whole vibe and it was definitely a challenge to make sure we had the right elements in place. After going back and forth with the many different versions, agreed to keep the verses minimal with some plucks and drums. But where the record really shines is when the pianos come in on the pre section and carries that energy throughout the drop. Super proud of this one!”
– Jack Trades


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