Jacob Colon Unveils New Single, ‘The Tunnel’

jacob colon the tunnel

Jacob Colon is here with another powerful banger.

The DJ and music producer virtuoso is ready to continue his mission of conquering the Dance music world with yet another certified hit via his own prolific imprint ‘Made to Move Records’.

The gifted artist has made the release of high-quality music a constant habit; getting him closer to reaching new milestones and accolades with each new track.

Recently, he released impressive new singles like ‘Desire’, ‘Get Down’ and ‘Xylos Groove’ in collaboration with world-class duo Sted-E & Hybrid Heights. Jacob Colon’s take on the House genre is surely one not to miss as his signature sound and sonic explorations take his music to new levels with each release.

Aside from the steady rise in popularity of his weekly radio show ‘Made to Move’, that currently reaches more than 30 radio stations globally, Jacob Colon has kept his drive and focus into creating smashing hits that showcase his skills and talent.

‘The Tunnel’ starts off with an energetic and almighty house beat, with powerful bass lines, and a layer of playful strings that let the melody slip in to become the center of attention; soon, a hard-hitting drop comes and releases the party. This track is a perfect mix of a House song with orchestral sounds but with Jacob Colon’s signature flavor that will surely make everyone who listens to it move.

Electrifying pads and synths keep the vibes up, as the catchy one-liner melody that repeats throughout the song without being monotonous takes the center stage once more. Chopped-up voices and smaller rhythmic elements help paint the rest of the soundscape, transforming the listening experience into a full-fledge party.

Jacob Colon is a relentless artist that shows no signs of slowing down as every release under his name hast the stamp of an authentic hit.

‘The Tunnel’ is out now via ’Made to Move Records’ and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.


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