Jaron Kicks Off 2023 With “ONCE” Featuring Jedwill

jaron once

Los Angeles, CA – Kicking the year off with another quality production, emerging producer and songwriter Jaron is back with “ONCE” feat. Jedwill, out now via his very own Modern Art imprint.

“I wrote ONCE around the time I had just released my debut album – I felt like I had nothing to prove. I stumbled onto something that felt deeply important to me – these 3 chords resolving the same way they start, weaving through this melody I had written. It felt pure; like speaking through something bigger than myself. Like a dance with the brightest light. I showed it to Jedwill, who without hesitation sent back an mp3 including him adlibbing ‘JUMP’ over the chorus. His energy brought this song to a whole different level. It felt electric.”

Jaron is no stranger to the spotlight. Despite being only a tender 20 years of age, he has established a name for himself as one of the more respected rising talents in the game.

“ONCE” is a wild ride, refusing to be pigeonholed into a singular style or genre and highlighting the dynamic vision that drives Jaron’s limitless creativity. There’s a slightly emo/punk rock twinge to “ONCE,” buoyed by glitchy breaks that highlight a euphoric energy encapsulated in a single track.

Never afraid to test the boundaries of his creativity, there seems to be no limit to what Jaron can come up with in the studio. Stay tuned for the biggest year of his career to date.

20-year-old Jaron Steele, known mononymously as Jaron, has already achieved what many could only dream of – at the age of thirteen, his self-released single ‘Departure’ established him as a fresh voice in the electronic music scene.

At 16, his Seeking Blue-released EP, ‘Everything in Between’, took the industry by storm, showcasing the immense talent of this fresh soul in the world of art & music. At 19, he released his debut album, ‘it’s hard to see color [When You’re So Impossibly Far Away*]’ on his co-owned independent imprint Modern Art, to much acclaim from his peers and the larger electronic music community. His music has been collectively streamed millions of times.

Jaron has consistently created music and art that exists at the bleeding edge of what is even possible in the modern day, comfortably pushing into the unknown, and further emerging with something fundamentally beautiful and human.

He often describes his feelings towards art as capturing the “limitlessness and abundance of life”, and it is with this perspective that he approaches creating his own music – “my art has always felt like a way for me to reach deeper into those feelings, deeper into myself. It’s the way I access my own abundance”.

Over his already expansive career, Jaron has gained the support and respect of fellow peers and inspirations alike, ranging from stars like Jeremy Zucker, Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer, Glaive, Underscores, tsubi club, gabby start, Zac Greer, to electronic heavyweights such as Madeon, San Holo, Whethan, Jai Wolf, Alison Wonderland, Moore Kismet, and Chet Porter, just to name a few.


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