Jauz Debuted His Remix Of ‘Baby Shark’ Mixed Into ‘Sandstorm’ at Coachella 2019

Jauz Baby Shark Remix

The daddy shark of dance music himself, Jauz, took on the Twitterverse in November and said he would make an official remix of the viral nursery rhyme “Baby Shark” if he got 20,000 retweets on that tweet.

And guess what his fans went and did? The tweet had 27k retweets in no time and this led Jauz to debut his official “Baby Shark” remix at one of the biggest stages in the world, at the Sahara Tent during his performance at Coachella weekend one!

While this started as a joke where Jazu took his fans on saying “Good f*cking luck,” the tweet went viral and lead to a mix which the audiences really seemed to love and we have to agree, we dig too. While he started off mellow by adding a groovy bass line and chopping it up, the last breakdown into Darude’s “Sandstorm” was a downright masterstroke.

Baby Shark is a kids song dating back a while. It came into the limelight with a social media dance challenge which accelerated quickly and even led the song into the Billboard Hot 100 charts in January!

The song slowly went on to become a pop culture phenomenon in itself and lead to every other artist mixing it into their sets for its meme-worthiness.

Hear the Jauz remix of it below and we promise you it’s going to have you grooving and rehearing it a couple of times to appreciate that seamless transition and merger of the best of the best.

Like always, inspite of a bunch of appreciation Jauz definitely faced a fair share of flack as well for dropping the remix during his set. While some called it “the death of EDM” others went on to diss the joke and completely missed the light-hearted, Twitter-inspired joke behind the entire thing.

And we’ll also just leave this here. How far do you think Jauz is getting with this?

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