Jay Hardway delivers melodic new single – Coffee Please

Coffee Please

Dutch hit producer Jay Hardway is back with a sure 2018 season favorite, as he releases the melodic Coffee Please, on Spinnin’ Records, out now with a wonderful new video.

“‘Coffee Please’ is the first track I made in my new studio. I’m sharing a studio complex with Dirtcaps and Wiwek and we talked about coffee a lot in the first weeks I worked there. Since I was working on this track at the time, and I love coffee a lot, the title fell nicely into place :-)

The track itself is supposed to be a happy and energetic track. It’s suitable to play at festivals and club settings which I have been doing for the past couple months. It’s working really well when I play it live and brings a fun energy to the crowd. So happy it’s out now, along with a really great video we’ve been working on recently – enjoy!” – Jay Hardway


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