The Dance Pop Field Is In Control With John Conlin’s “It Doesn’t Matter”

john conlin it doesn't matter

Post the pandemic we have seen a great rise in terms of music. Genres evolved; new genres came into the light along with the artists creating them.

One such genre is dance pop, which has taken over the world by storm. In this storm we have a tornado headed towards the cities to blow everyone away. That tornado is John Conlin.

The artist presents us with “It Doesn’t Matter”, a single which dominates the dance pop realm.

With minimalism being at the forefront in pop music today, “It Doesn’t Matter” is a maximalist dance-pop track featuring layers of glistening synths and a massive beat meant to get everyone up and moving. The festive track hooks listeners with a chantable chorus, reminiscent of Katy Perry’s early music, while the video features personality-filled choreography.

Watch “It Doesn’t Matter” here.

The technicolor electropop of John has been greatly influenced by the massive pop sounds of the early 2010’s. Using massive synth hooks and large-than-life vocals, John creates a feeling of urgency. Featuring lyrical themes of love, fantasy, and escapism amidst a spectacular production, John’s music is sure to bring you to your feet as you dance.

Follow his music here.

Shantanu Gursal


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