John Summit Cranks Up the Heat on Sweltering Tech House Cut “Make Me Feel”

john summit make me feel

John Summit is elevating his hype to insurmountable heights with his debut single on Insomniac Records, a sweltering-hot house groove by the name of “Make Me Feel.”

As a house music producer, calling Chicago your home not only comes with a badge of honor, but it also carries with it a tremendous pressure to move out from the towering shadows cast by the legacy laid down by the genre’s founding fathers. John Summit is carrying the torch with tremendous pride, as the young Chicagoan stays true to the city’s historic roots via a sound appraised with being a crown jewel from the next wave of producers blowing up within the Windy City. The recognition he’s received is impossible to dismiss, with tastemakers of the highest order shouting his name at the mountaintops. After undergoing the type of breakout year every artist envisions with a gleam in their eyes, Summit is taking the success he’s built in 2020 and is continuing to push himself closer to the pinnacle with each and every release. Enter “Make Me Feel,” another surefire single strengthening his grip while on the figurative free solo climb that’s destined to reach the proverbial peak.

His debut appearance on Insomniac is a rollicking tech house roller that packs a primal punch. “Make Me Feel” is straightforward in its approach, breaking the ice with supreme confidence and a seductive allure right out of the gate. The track harnesses a rumbling charisma, as ripples of reverberating low-end cause a tingling sensation to shoot through every inch of the extremities. A crisp snare-hat combo keeps the movement pressing ever forward while pulsating basslines stimulate the brain’s pleasure center with its powerful finesse. A steamy vocal loop hangs onto the rhythm ever so closely, revealing its vulnerability in the midst of ricocheting synth shots and laser-sharp flourishes—all of which ultimately drive up the desire into unmanageable levels. Calling this record “hot” wouldn’t even be the half of it.

“This track is probably my most requested ID of all time,” says John Summit. “Every livestream I’ve played over the past few months, people have been begging for it to get released, so I’m so stoked to finally get this one out!”

Once an accountant who traded in balance sheets in order to go down in the books as one of the fastest-rising producers in dance music, John Summit has seen his stock soar out of control after sitting on one of the most memorable records from last year. Summit’s smash single “Deep End” dominated the charts, which cemented itself as the longest-running Beatport #1 of 2020. The radio support also lived up to the tune’s viral staying power by clenching the highly coveted Essential New Tune nod from Pete Tong, as well as staying within arm’s reach from the BBC Radio1 gatekeepers Annie Mac, Danny Howard and MistJam. His momentum didn’t taper off after the fact, either, making a habit out of charting with a string of releases, including “Forgotten One,” his own ‘Stimulate’ EP, and most recently with another Beatport #1 topper across all genres by way of “Beauty Sleep” as a solid way to kick off 2021. As festivals slowly wake up from their quarantine slumber, John Summit is stockpiling a lengthy list of high-caliber cuts that will undoubtedly continue to climb into festival and club setlists just as fast as his own profile scaled the mountain itself.


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