Jonas Blue and Joe Jonas create sensation with this feel-food summer anthem from Hotel Transylvania 3

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is just about to hit the theatres and the whole world is anxiously waiting for it!

While the excitement for the movie is high, people are also talking a lot about Jonas Blue’s ‘I See Love’ feat. Joe Jonas from the movie. The song is popularly described as a “feel-good summer anthem”; we listened to it and boy does it make you feel good!

The song says “I see love. I see love all around me. From a river to a flood, I see love around me”. Coupled with a fun animated video that’s moving towards 2 million views, the song simple resonates, fun and has a romantic touch to it. This is a song that you’d probably want to play when you want to surprise your loved one and then celebrate it! Now that shows where the good vibes in his hit-making music comes from!

Jonas Blue who has made his mark worldwide with his single, ‘Rise’ featuring Jack & Jack, which is being widely acclaimed as the anthem of the summer. The single has garnered 20 Million listens on Spotify so far and is quickly climbing up the iTunes Top 10 Chart. The track has also been named ‘Tune of The Weekend’ on Radio 1.

The 28 year-old has several other hits, which includes the emotional ‘Longer Than I Thought” feat. Loote. His newly released EP, People to People is also grabbing eyeballs across the globe.

The DNCE frontman, will be performing at the SW4 Festival and various other festivals in Europe. The highlight however, is that he’s pepping up for his “Electronic Nature” summer residency at Hi Ibiza in September, this year. What’s all the more exciting is that he’s setting up his record label ‘Blue Future’ which makes one feel certain that you can expect a lot more exciting stuff in the coming years!

Jonas Blue has also been nominated for the BRIT Awards four times, backed by the fact that he’s had his name in the Top 5 UK singles, thrice. His debut single ‘Fast Car’ has 39 platinum certifications which is showing the world that he’s cemented his name in the industry very well. Over Christmas 2015, it topped the charts in Australia. Over the following months, the summery song caught on across the world, going platinum in the States and double platinum in Britain. Guy’s first ever gig as Jonas Blue was in front of 100,000 people in Mexico City.

Header image courtesy: Billboard

Pavan Kumar


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