Joris Voorn Remixes White Cliffs “Just Like You” Out Now

white cliffs just like you joris voorn remix

Brooklyn-based artist White Cliffs (aka Rafe Cohan) has released a Joris Voorn remix of his recent single “Just Like You.”

The remix made its live debut on March 20 at the very top if Joris Voorn’s set at the Fieldlab Test Rave. Organized in conjunction with the Dutch government, 1500 COVID-negative attendees and a handful of DJs participated in the first live event since the pandemic struck the country. The event’s goal was to pave the way towards life and live events after COVID-19.

A dynamic anthem, the original version of “Just Like You”—which appears on White Cliffs late 2020 EP release Stockholm–is a dazzling merry-go-round of guitar effects that sounds like a Ferris wheel or amusement ride at sunset effortlessly blending psychedelic elements with indie rock, soul and electronic. Voorn’s remix captures these elements bedding them in hypnotic dance floor beats.

“Just Like You” premiered with American Songwriter where White Cliffs dove deep into its meaning: “I wrote the song about our playful and hypocritical struggle with accepting our true selves. And that struggle is just a part of pursuing a career as a musician… You’re constantly drawing this attention to your project, and in the process, you end up learning quite a bit about yourself, both good and bad. Usually, you experience some denial or imposter syndrome, but after time passes, you are left with acceptance.”

“While listening to the track for the first time, what stood out for me were the amazing vocals. So, I built my remix around those, making a more dance floor-oriented version of the track that still carries the uplifting vibe of the original. I also love the quirky little sounds from the original so they also have a place in my remix, besides some newly recorded guitar parts and driving synth arpeggios,” says Joris Voorn.

“It was super exciting to hear Joris re-harmonize the song in a powerful minor key for the first time,” adds White Cliffs. “He did some really innovative editing on the vocal track and had me print out every single synth part so he could really incorporate a lot of the original parts into his remix.”



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