Josh Pan Debuts New Single “Float” And Accompanying Music Video

josh pan float

On the heels of his recent “go with the fire” and its accompanying music video, Josh Pan returns to 88rising for “float.”

His third release of 2021 following his hit collaboration “Supersonic (My Existence)” with Skrillex, Josh Pan’s “float” is available worldwide today, November 19. “Float” also features an accompanying music video, and serves as the second and final installation of Josh Pan’s 2-part video series.

A producer, songwriter, vocalist, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, Josh Pan is a jack-of-all-trades. Never sticking to any singular genre or conventional style, Josh Pan constantly reinvents the wheel of what artistic breadth can and should be. His latest single “float” is a unique reflection of just that.

Exploring universally felt motifs of loss and desperation, Josh Pan’s “float” chronicles grief and reconciliation. Textural synth patterns best characterize the single swathed in Pan’s elegant vocal charm. Buoyant lyrical performance, reminiscent of the tracks title, carries the 3-minute and 42-second track to fruition. A sonic display of Josh Pan’s diverse musical talents and songwriting skills, “float” is the exciting follow-up to Pan’s “go with the fire.”

“While it’s lyrics present obvious meaning, with feelings of loss and desperation, mourning the end of a relationship, ‘float’ is to be left up to the interpretation of the listeners,” explains Josh Pan on his latest single. “The feelings and ideas portrayed through the lyrics can be applied to any situation and any relationship whether romantic, platonic, familial, or even a relationship with a substance or addictive behavior. Apply the lyrics and feelings of this song to the context of your own life and tell me what it means to you.”

“Float” is Josh Pan’s third release since his summer 2021 coalescence with Skrillex, Dylan Brady, and Noisia for “Supersonic (My Existence),” where Pan performed vocals for the collaborative effort. The single quickly rose to critical acclaim, garnering 25 million+ streams across DSPs since its release.

His latest solo release was the sultry “go with the fire,” which recently received an adrenaline-pumping heist-oriented music video accompaniment, which can be watched here. “Float” is the second half of a 2-part short film series created by Pan, following his “go with the fire.”


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