Julian Jordan Teams Up With ALAN SHIRAHAMA For New Single, ‘Facts’

julian jordan facts

Not letting go of his continuous streak of releases, Julian Jordan is back with his first collaboration since releasing ‘Diamonds’ with Martin Garrix and Tinie Tempah.

His brand new release ‘Facts’ sees him team up with Japan’s biggest LDH artist and lead singer of the bands EXILE and GENERATIONS, ALAN SHIRAHAMA.

A prime example of today’s possibilities in communication due to technology, ‘Facts’ was created completely during FaceTime and Zoom calls.

Already the biggest within his own genre of LDH, SHIRAHAMA wanted to broaden his horizon and now also performs as a DJ in front of sold-out stadiums. His love for electro house made him reach out to Jordan for his first international collaboration ever.

The end result is a perfect blend of both artists’ styles and cultural backgrounds, enforced by the unlimited ambition and drive of two young artists who are both successful in their professional careers but have stayed hungry and open to evolving themselves.

Making this collaboration possible even due to COVID restrictions and not being able to meet in the studio physically, shows that there are no limits and restrictions when it comes to creating music. Anything is possible and ‘Facts’ is the prime example of that.


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