Julian Jordan Unveils New Single, ‘Out Of My Mind’

julian jordan out of my mind

Julian Jordan has been on a roll of consecutively releasing banger after banger since the end of last year, and the fourth in line is ‘Out Of My Mind’.

The overarching theme in the past releases has been Jordan emphasizing on the feeling of letting go and partying. ‘Out Of My Mind’ expresses the feeling that lots of people are having at the moment; the time has finally come to go crazy, leave all the misery of restrictions behind us and go completely out of our minds to music.

After Diamonds, Thunder, Sound of the Bass, this is the fourth track in four months that focuses on the feeling of freedom and putting aside the worries in people, and it was during the past months when Jordan was able to perform again that he noticed the energy of the crowd had changed all over the world.

Much greater than before, people wanted to party harder and enjoy the music more intensely, most likely stemming from the COVID restrictions a lot of people had to deal with.

It is precisely that energy that inspired Jordan to respond even better to the needs of his audience with his new tracks; everyone wants to go completely out of their minds right now when they party. Going from strength to strength, Jordan is claiming his profile as the number 1 electro house DJ with his signature sound over and over again.


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