Jupiter Gray Has Released An Enthralling EP Entitled “Pressure”

jupiter gray pressure

Originating from Ohio, Jupiter Gray is a rapper, singer, and musical artist who is transgender and known for her lyricism.

She has been noted for her influence on the LGBT music scene. She has also performed at various festivals, including Comfest, Pride Festivals, and more.

She was initially slated to sign to a major record label in 2017, but she never heard back after her sexual orientation became public. With a desire for more and no apology for herself, she went ahead and released her first independent project, “Flowasis” in 2018. Her quest to become a force in the music industry has continued since her release, as she has been featured in Grammys, Billboard, Boston Hassle, Paper Magazine, and more.
Announcing a new project titled “Pressure”, Jupiter has rediscovered herself.

About the EP:

“Pressure” focuses on Jupiter Gray’s quest to rediscover her competitiveness in hip-hop’s male-dominated and transphobic genres. The 6-track EP is one of her most authentic and revealing recordings, featuring hypnotizing beats, uncompromising lyrics, and an abrasive directness that challenges those who doubt her abilities.

Listen to the EP here.

The EP was recorded remotely in Columbus, Ohio, with production assistance from Melody The Ghost, a black trans woman from California. Among the tracks on the album are “Bad Girls” featuring New Jersey rapper Heather Hills, “Freakz,” which features an intro and outro from Florida personality 99, and “Pluto,” which was produced by Chill Smith.

As Jupiter rides the hype and buzz, more and more attention is being drawn to her infectious beats and catchy lyrics. It is evident in her music that she is unstoppable and is committed to her career.

As one of the most innovative artists in the modern era, Jupiter Gray will no doubt cement her name in the music industry.

Connect with the artist.

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