Justin Hawkes Releases Melodic Drum & Bass Banger “That Look”

justin hawkes that look

Drum & bass producer Justin Hawkes (formerly Flite) returned to Monstercat today with the release of his feel-good single, “That Look”.

With its vibrant synth stabs, energetic breaks, and upbeat vocal chops, “That Look” appeals to video games and dancefloors alike. The drum & bass-inspired percussion and rich bassline drive the drop forward, backed by soft, ambient pads.

After a decade-long journey as Flite, “That Look” is a testament to Justin Hawkes’ evolution as a producer, fully showcasing his unmatched sound under his new moniker.

Justin Hawkes shares, “Sometimes I just want to close my eyes and smile from a tune. Give someone that look we all have while I’m at a show, knowing that we’re both experiencing that magic that brings us all together. That takes you to another world for a few minutes.”


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