Justin Jay Relates To Everyone With “I Just Wanna Sleep”

justin jay i just wanna sleep

Justin Jay and Josh Taylor have joined forces for an effervescent new single “I Just Wanna Sleep” available on all DSPs now via Justin’s own imprint Fantastic Voyage.

The new collaboration follows Justin’s recent single “Stop” featuring Tima Dee as part of his upcoming album Everything Will Come Together Pt.2 due later this year. The song also set’s the tone for Josh Taylor’s upcoming album Breakfast in Bed. Justin and Josh provided some insight into the making of the new track:

“We made this song in my bedroom. Benny Bridges played some bass and guitar. Our homie Danny lent us a really janky keyboard that he found at GoodWill and it’s the secret sauce of the track.” – Justin Jay

“Honestly, I just don’t like being woken up in the morning and figured writing a song about it would be the nicest way to tell my girlfriend.” – Josh Taylor

Drawing from both Justin’s dance/rock sensibilities and Josh’s laid back songwriting. the song spans the two former classmates’ distinct styles. Blowing through expectations, Justin Jay is at his best as he experiments in “I Just Wanna Sleep.” Working yet again with former classmate Josh Taylor, Justin continues to push personal boundaries on his quest for artistic fulfillment. Stemming from their knack to make music, these longtime friends began collaborating shortly after graduating college and quickly found success with songs like “Let Go” and “What Do You Want”.

Justin has gone on to explore his own singing and songwriting, beginning with his album, Home, in 2017 and Everything Will Come Together Pt. 1 in 2019 — both self-released on Fantastic Voyage. While still staying true to his roots in DJing, Justin has taken a dive into performing these songs live with his band, leaving behind the turntables at some of his largest performances including Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, and Snowglobe.


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