Kaerhart’s electro pop single is the upbeat reality check we all need


LA-based singer/songwriter Kaerhart is out with her latest single today, “Losing My Mind,” and it is an electro-pop track with a powerful message.

Every day, we must face the troubling injustices exposed in the media down to the multiple stresses of our everyday life. “Losing My Mind” turns frustration into positive energy, juxtaposing lyrics that address the distress alongside production that makes you want to move and feel good. According to Kaerhart, “‘Losing My Mind’ reminds us that there is still fun and joy amidst the darkness, we must work hard to make that voice louder.”

The song tackles the human experience in a unique way. “Losing My Mind” calls listeners to come to terms with the frustration that they are keeping inside instead of hiding away from it. “It’s to embrace that yeah, the world has gone crazy and I feel like I am losing my mind some days,” explains Kaerhart,” but that there is a silver lining at the end of it all.”

Ever since the release of her first single “Drain My Love,” which has garnered 1 million+ plays, Kaerhart has honored conscious thought and truth throughout her music. The artist continues to push for a safe space where women in the creative community can have a voice and feel empowered. Be on the lookout for this artist to watch as she continues spreading her global vision of positivity and unity.

More on Kaerhart

Kaerhart is an LA-based singer/songwriter and electro-pop indie music artist. After two failed deals as the “guitar player with mystique,” Kaerhart was left with two choices; reinvent herself completely or quit music. After visiting a prolific Shaman who told her it was her divine purpose to become an artist and sing her own songs, Kaerhart started working on her solo project.

Kaerhart is pursuing other creative passions as co-founder of the apparel brand Mystic Tribe, where she curates pieces that support conscious lifestyles, and member of the Moon Club, which pulls together astrology and activism to foster a spiritually engaged and inspired community.


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