Indian producer – Karan Kanchan, defies genres to release another brilliant track

Karan Kanchan

J-Trap producer, Karan Kanchan has just released his first track of 2018 and it’s a huge one!

Titled Kendo, the track is a bass heavy production with the producer’s typical Japanese elements.

Kanchan hails from India and has been one of the country’s upcoming young producers. With a list of releases in 2017, Kanchan’s music has been gaining an increasing rate of traction across the globe. Some of his listeners call him a pioneer of the J-Trap genre, though the producer has never publicly taken on the mantle but does look to be pushing the genre forward.

His first track for the year, Kendo is inspired by a form of Japanese martial arts performed with Bamboo swords. It’s a high-energy Japanese sport where players shout out loud while hitting the opponent. The track is out now on the Safari Network and can be downloaded for free. Check out the track right here:

If you want to check out Kanchan’s other music, here’s his recent release featuring YouTube star Natalie Natchan:

And for more you could of-course check out the artist’s Soundcloud and Facebook.

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