KAYZO & Our Last Night offer new single – Alone

kayzo alone

Following previous collaborations with Underoath (“Wasted Space”) and XO Sad (“FAKE FAKE FAKE”), the next collaboration in line from KAYZO is “Alone” with New England-based post-hardcore band Our Last Night. The song is out on Ultra Music.

“I first heard about Our Last Night through Spotify actually way back when and I listened to some of their old albums and I fell in love with their original music first,” says KAYZO.

“I had no idea that they did covers of electronic music which I found later on and I thought was super cool. They did covers of Marshmello, ZEDD, Kendrick Lamar and Drake–all awesome covers and I thought that was really cool because it kind of helps tie the electronic to rock from a rock side, while I do the electronic to rock from the electronic side. They understand the relationship between the two worlds and yeah that’s kind of how I found out about them from Spotify. Power of Spotify. Loved their music ever since and now we’ve got a song together.”

With lyrics like “I bury my love beneath the snow / It’s hard for me to be vulnerable,” “Alone” aims to tug at one’s heartstrings while KAYZO builds a hard-hitting electronic frame around them.

“The lyrics are a vow to be more emotionally present and supportive for somebody you love. It’s not always easy to truly empathize with the people closest to you, especially in the way that they receive it best,” says Our Last Night’s frontman Trevor Wentworth.

“We as a rock band don’t get the opportunity to work on as many collabs as we would like, so when this somewhat fell into our laps we were beyond excited. It gave us a chance to really branch out and write a song that’s a little outside our normal box. Although the song isn’t your normal OLN song, there is still so much about it that still sounds and feels like the band, so it will not only resonate well with our fans, but I think it will help gain tons of new fans.”


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