K?d Unveils New Single, ‘FLOW IN YOU’ Featuring June One

K?d flow in you

The dynamic electronic artist k?d returns to HARD Recs with the sophomore single culled from his forthcoming album, this time teaming up with Seoul’s singer-songwriter June One on the blood-rushing “FLOW IN YOU.”

Less than a month ago, the venerated producer sent shockwaves across the dance music space with the buzz of “RETURN TO NOTHINGNESS,” which not only ended his one-year hiatus from releases, but also trumpeted the arrival of his debut LP expected to drop within the not-so-distant future. Building onto the momentum, the follow-up offering is now gushing in with a torrential force. On it, he teams up with indie Korean sensation June One, who steps in to add a romantic soul to k?d’s genre-blurring acumen.

Drenched in desire, “FLOW IN YOU” by no means belongs in the same category as the average love song. The impassioned vocals are equal parts earnest and effortless, as June One’s dreamy falsetto spells out the endless extent of his uncontrollable urges.

Lightheaded atmospherics create a creamy undercurrent that pulls the rosy proclamations into a sweeping tide powered by crisp 808s, lofty pads, soft claps, intermittent guitar flourishes, and stammering, pitch-shifting synths. Each of these crucial components coalesce into a futuristic R&B creation that takes the intoxicating feelings and pumps them into every inch of the extremities.

“June One sent me a song he had originally written for his band in South Korea,” says k?d. “It was unique sounding, and I really liked the R&B style and feel it had. He let me take his track and do my own thing with it for the album.”

Pushing the narrative forward on the visual front, the music is once again matched with a spectacular animation, the latest piece taken from the album’s ongoing series commissioned from the lauded studio Herø Projects and BAMIBOY.

After escaping captivity from a secret laboratory, the protagonist awakens to find himself greeted by two free spirits of the same ilk. Forming an immediate bond, they appear to be sharing their own patch of paradise together—despite the main character trying to battle through the trauma from the first fight scene.

Based out of Korea’s capital, June One is one-half of the award-winning indie band, Glen Check. They’ve enjoyed critical acclaim across three full-length efforts, taking a genre-less approach to music that has allowed them to maneuver between alt-rock all the way through to electronica.

As a constant source of creativity, a strong connecting factor tying June One to the k?d project is the fact both forces have gravitated heavily towards a prominent visual component to accentuate their respective sonic visions.

k?d’s new single “FLOW IN YOU” feat. June One is available everywhere via HARD Recs.


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