Keepsake debuts on Monstercat with energetic single – This Time Around


As always, the revered label Monstercat releases exciting new talent. This time, its Keepsake, who debuts on the imprint with his new single featuring Slyleaf – This Time Around. The vibrant track promises another good find for the dance music scene.

The upbeat track begins with a bang as the melodies and thumping kicks set up a good platform for the soothing vocals to come in and take-over. The feel-good vibe of the track makes it an addictive number, and we’re sure you’ll love to sing along as you groove. The latter half of the track is as bright as the former, and displays the consistency of energy that the artist has induced into it; a great entry for Keepsake onto the record.

Keepsake is Richard Caddock. This project is born from the UK based artist’s love of optimistic and energetic music, his need to bring it to people in his own way and prove he isn’t just a featuring voice. Debuting in 2014 on WRLD’s first single “Orbit”, Richard originally gained popularity as a vocal feature on many tracks released on the “Monstercat” record label under his own name. This eventually led to a solo single release in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, music had to be put on hold as he went through two life-changing ear surgeries.

These surgeries fixed the problems he’s had throughout his whole life and fundamentally changed everything he knew about audio and sound. The six-month recovery between both operations gave him the opportunity to rediscover sounds, as the world’s audio changed completely for him. After successfully recovering from both operations, Keepsake is the fresh start he’s needed to bring his passion for spreading positivity to life through music. Today, Keepsake stands as the result of overcoming the setbacks of his operations and the start of his journey to becoming the artists he’s always strived to be.

Let us know below, what you think of this brand new single. Buy/stream it here.

Pavan Kumar

Pavan Kumar

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