Keshav Bhardwaj AKA Klipr Drops Appropriately Titled House Track For 2020, ‘Warrior’

klipr warrior

Keeping his streak going by releasing a track every fortnight, New Delhi based DJ/Producer Keshav Bhardwaj aka Klipr is here with another house banger.

The track has been appropriately titled ‘Warrior’, seeing we’ve all had a very tough 2020. The track starts with a heavy bassline and moves into a solid groove when the vocals come in and carry the drop into the buildup to a synth-laden drop. The chords and the sounds used in the drop show the mood the track carries. ‘Warrior’ is surely a jam and is now out through Klipr’s imprint label Streamin’ Music Group.

Keshav Bhardwaj aka Klipr, Founder of Streamin’ Music Group says” I have been listening to a lot of Downtempo music lately, and the drop sound is inspired from the genre while keeping my style and vibe going. ‘Warrior’ was a fresh experience for me as I enjoyed the process of incorporating sounds and style from ‘Downtempo’ music to my production”


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