Keshav Bhardwaj AKA Klipr Releases 5-Track EP ‘Final Hour’ To Wrap Up 2020

klipr final hour ep

There’s no doubt about what a fantastic 2020 Klipr has had with music.

He started this year with a 6 track EP ‘Lockdown’ which saw him head down a slightly heavier tech-house route, and now he is back to wrap up 2020 with another banger 5 track EP called ‘Final Hour’.

Released on the second to last day of the year, Klipr explores the energy with the Progressive-House tracks in this EP. ‘Final Hour’ starts with the track ‘All Your Love’ which starts on a very harmonic note and sets the tone for the tracks that follow. Next up is ‘Alone’ which picks up the vibe with airy synths and vocals, followed by ‘Be Together’ which picks up the vibe even further from the previous one. ‘Touch My Body’ is a track that brings a sensual vibe with the vocals, lyrics and the instrumentation used by Klipr.

The last track from the EP is ‘New Place’, with it’s positive and refreshing lyrics, it brings a sense of newness which reminds us that we’re moving into a New Year and hopefully things get better than they currently are. As a whole, ‘Final Hour’, from start to finish makes the listener experience different energies while keeping the vibe and the sequence of the tracks consistent.

Keshav Bhardwaj aka Klipr, Founder of Streamin’ Music Group says “I started 2020 with ‘Lockdown’ EP, so it felt fair to close the year with another. I’ve grown as an artist this year and ‘Final Hour’ shows the same. From start to finish, my vision was to create a cumulative vibe from all the music I’ve produced in 2020”


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