KHAINZ With New Release And India Tour

khainz running high

‘Running High’ is the debut release on Khainz’ Module Records from the head honcho alongside Jiggler who steps up on remix duty.

The title track leads proceedings, featuring Khainz’ instantly recognisable melodic flurries and pulsating bass lines. An eerie vocal sample, chopped and reverb drenched provides the perfect accompaniment across the dark first offering.

‘The Module’ follows packed with trancey synth builds and a punchy marching drum foundation, ideal for a moody warehouse at peak time.

Closing the show is Jiggler who offers up a smoother deep house take on the title track, letting the sample control the mellow builds before trippy drops pan from left to right and looping melodies expand across the duration of the track.

Just a few days ago, you could experience KHAINZ in India on his tour. “India has been great! I really had fun to play there, specially at Ukiyo in Goa! It’s definitely a very interesting place and i’m always exited to experience different cultures! People are very welcoming and the food is outstanding!” (Khainz)


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