KILL FEED Unveils A Slice Of Midtempo Riddim In “TOASTY!”

kill feed toasty!

Up-and-coming UK-born and Belgian-based sensation KILL FEED unveils his third original production of the year, “TOASTY!”

Adding another unique, unpredictable, and ever-changing beat to his discography, KILL FEED continues to extend the boundaries of his production style without compromising the quality of his releases. “TOASTY!” is out now across all streaming platforms.

“TOASTY!,” despite the title is not predictable nor comforting in nature. From the moment you hit “play,” you enter a different world. The song begins on an eerie note.

Slowly, notes begin to emerge and the tune transforms from a rock-like style to a sci-fi feel. You are no longer in the real world, you are in a simulation- a video game. You are thrown into the deep end. Into a world that is trippy. Where you are falling, yet, being pulled in seconds before hitting the ground.

The song embodies KILL FEED’s continuously experimental sound. Born and raised in the UK, Simon Fraipoint, or KILL FEED, consistently makes an effort to challenge the bass music label through his music. As a dubstep and electronic producer, Kill Feed, formerly known as 50HMAN, is currently based in Belgium. “TOASTY!” continues KILL FEED’s journey, and we can only expect bigger and better things to come this year.


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