Knife Party Reveal New Single “Ghost Train” In Their Podcast

knife party ghost train

One of the podcasts that remains rather underground, and has a dedicated band of followers, is Knife Party’s Knifecast.

Managing to always surprise their listeners, the duo makes immense efforts each time.

This time, that very effort brings out a brand new single – “Ghost Train”. This effervescent track stays true to the signature Knife Party style, by involving some speech-based vocals, and a bass line that is addictive.

Seamlessly traveling on the thin line between techno and house, this production will surely surprise you. Some dark elements bring out a haunting effect out of the track, while it still manages to keep you jumping!

Not too long ago, they also released a track by the name “Ghost Town”, but this one seems nowhere related to that earlier release. We think the latest releases gets a slight edge over the previous one! What do you think? Let us know below.

Header image courtesy: RUKES

Pavan Kumar


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