Knock2 Opens The Door To His Boundary-Pushing Sophomore EP ‘ROOM202’

knock2 room202

San Diego native Knock2 is swinging back over to his second home on the NIGHTMODE imprint with his new 6-track ‘ROOM202’ EP.

The new project builds on his signature sound while drawing inspiration from grunge warehouse raves, 2010’s electro, and early electronic pop music.

Kicking things off right comes “Make U SWEAT!,” an instant bass house classic that raises the temperature with its infectious melody lead, shuffling drums, futuristic sound design, and zany vocal chops.

Familiar vocals anchor the track while massive synths and risers build the anticipation to an apex. The playful lead bounces over the percussion, creating a dancefloor-ready anthem that will keep fans shuffling with force. Motivating vocal loops and siren-like synths up the ante before the track’s final explosion.

The closing crowd chant provides a full circle moment for fans who have been eagerly anticipating the release since he appointed it as the official opening selection for his sold-out sets around the world.

“Rewind” commands your attention with a funky percussion rhythm, grand bass chords, and in-your-face vocal chops. The bounce is on full display in the infectious high-energy drops. The break perfectly captures the off-kilter feel before bringing the excitement back to a peak with the finale. The ups and downs create an incredibly impactful contrast that hits just right. Mean and gritty, yet undeniably playful, this one is assured to have you hitting “Rewind.”

Turning up the heat once more comes “gettin’ hott.” The first single off the EP has been setting the scene on fire, ripping through sets and blazing over a million streams on Spotify alone. Sassy swagger meets colorful fake-out bass to give the track a distinct attitude while remaining effortlessly approachable.

Putting the pedal to metal, feverish chants and singalong-inducing vocals drive the track forward as the ever-evolving production shifts gears at every turn. The heart-racing cut pushes the bounds of bass house with a frenetic pace.

Connecting with DEV on “Are U Feelin Me,” the pair deliver a seductive and sexy cut. DEV’s sultry vocals serve as a focal point while the track morphs throughout.

A swinging bassline, shiny leads, and shimmering plucks create a delightfully dizzying soundscape. Pop sensibilities give it an irresistible allure without taking away from the inventiveness. The pair expertly build and release tension, culminating into a transcendent audio journey.

Switching the tempo without compromising any of the intensity is “Jump In.” The massive trap banger acts to expand the sonics and culture of the genre. The rumbling deep bass sets the tone and it proceeds to get heavier at every turn. The epicness of the breaks and builds is only outdone by drops. The fusion of world instrumentation, high-octane drums, and commanding chops is a testament to the artist’s production mastery. “Jump In” proves, regardless of the tempo or genre, Knock2’s style is unmatched.

“Rock Ur World” brings the project to a wrap with a melodic and monumental closing. The track pairs a lush falsetto topline with glimmering synth leads, elastic basslines, four-on-the-floor drums, squelchy melodies, and feel-good energy to send the EP off on a high note.

Emerging vocalist Fussy’s delicate vocals are addictive and joy-filled, shaping the track into a beautiful bop that simulates the beauty of new love. Colorful chords and punchy drums elevate “Rock Ur World” to the status of a certified festival anthem.

Mixing addictive vocals, boundary-pushing sonics, and a myriad of genres, ‘ROOM202’ showcases why Knock2 is one of the brightest breakout stars in electronic music. To celebrate the release of the EP, Knock2 is embarking on his first headlining North American tour with Brownies & Lemonade.

Originally slated for 8 major stops including Brooklyn Monarch (NYC), AREA15 (Las Vegas), Cermak Hall (Chicago), Concourse (Austin), it’s already been expanded after multiple shows immediately sold out.

“All the IDS played in the set were demos and it only came to be finished as the release date came. I loved the entire process of writing and finishing this EP. I bought a new laptop and took it all the way to Vienna, Austria, to visit my girlfriend that I haven’t seen in months. Nothing beats working in an unfamiliar place but finding comfort with the people you love. I wanted to bring back that special energy I felt listening to old electro and pop electronic music, but also push the soundscape further in today’s sonics. That’s why I got DEV on one of the records because I knew her voice was gonna spark a core memory for my generation. I wanted to showcase my range as a writer and producer creating genre-bending moments. As I’m typing this, the EP has not been finished yet. I feel the pressure, but I believe pressure creates moments. So here I am again, trying to prove one.” — Knock2


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