Koven Continue Their String Of Monstercat Singles With Emotively Fierce Record “Lions” Off Forthcoming EP ‘Higher Ground (Part 1)’

koven lions

UK-based duo Koven have continued to prove they’re a formidable force within the global dance music circuit.

Katie and Max spent the pandemic in sonic solitude to build a project that would showcase their depth and range, bringing them a world tour as frequent headliners, sold-out shows, and most recently, a slot at this year’s EDC Las Vegas.

Yet their grasp on the industry grows tighter through another fresh selection on Monstercat, following their last single, “Take it Away,” which featured the Parallax Orchestra – the same group behind Bring Me The Horizon and Architects’ UK #1 albums. Already garnering half a million streams as well as Radio 1 tastemaker support in the UK, Koven have bridged oceans with their sounds – something which their new record “Lions” is sure to capitalize on.

Led with war-like drums opening an epic sequenced introduction, “Lions” kicks into play with the same overtones which have made Koven’s records so instantly recognizable.

With sweeping strings from the Parallax Orchestra again, and Katie following each instrumental high with soaring vocals, telling a story of hope and strength, the pair show there’s still more to discover within their soundscape. Max and Katie continue to create tracks that lend themselves to festival mainstages and arenas, taking fans into the depths of their emotions whilst providing a space to dance, too. “Lions” is another stunning feat from the duo, showcasing the diversity on their full package to come.

The emotion steeped within each one of their records has been a defining feature throughout their high-profile music placements in film, TV, advertising, and games. Alongside a 30+ date tour that stretches from Glastonbury and Reading Festival to North America, their global fan base is set to see one of the biggest summers yet from the pair. With their anticipated EP, ‘Higher Ground (Part 1)’ due to drop with Monstercat later this summer – a label that brought their ‘Butterfly Effect’ LP to the world, as well as its deluxe edition – Koven, have officially broken into their own lane with the successes which lay in their wake a testament to this.


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