KSHMR Unveils ‘Harmonica Andromeda Deluxe’

kshmr harmonica andromeda deluxe

Electronic music tour-de-force KSHMR has released ‘Harmonica Andromeda Deluxe’, an extended, deluxe edition of his recent debut album Harmonica Andromeda, out June 11.

Featuring five new additional tracks, ‘Harmonica Andromeda Deluxe’ is the largest body of work KSHMR has released to date. Amongst the new tracks is his most recent single ‘You Don’t Need To Ask’, a majestic electronic creation featuring Bay Area vocalist TZAR.

Also added is the downbeat, string-driven vibes of ‘Dusty Fairytale’, the graceful ‘Slow’, which features Turkish DJ and producer Mahmut Orhan and long-term KSHMR collaborator KARRA, the proto-Latino ‘Tupinambá’ and delicate, ethereal tones of ‘Come To Life’.

KSHMR explained “It was important to me that making a ‘Deluxe’ meant more than microwaving the leftovers. The additional five tracks are songs I absolutely love and actually made for the original release — but it felt right to spread the music out a bit and give each song its chance to shine”.

These tracks join the original 15 from the LP, which include singles ‘Around The World’ featuring French artist NOUMENN and ‘World We Left Behind’ featuring KARRA.

Released back in March, Harmonica Andromeda marked a shift in sonic direction for KSHMR and received critical acclaim, with the LP described as “a beautiful gem that demonstrates how electronic soundscapes can sculpt beautiful creations for this world” by EDM Reviewer.

With over 500 million streams to date and multiple chart-topping singles, KSHMR has established himself as one of the most prolific producers in dance music today. He first built his reputation around a slew of big-room festival anthems, such as ‘Secrets’ ‘Megalodon’ and ‘Wildcard’, and has since established industry-leading label and brand Dharma Worldwide and headlined major festivals across the globe including Coachella, Tomorrowland, Ultra Japan and Sunburn India.

Featuring a further five stunning electronic creations, Harmonica Andromeda Deluxe is an essential purchase for all KSHMR fans.


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