Kutlo shares his favourite selections following his return on Mainframe Recordings


Following his label debut on last year’s Bass Infection series, and have had plenty of high profile releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, C4C, and Kosen in 2017, Bratislava Bad Boy Kutlo returned to Mainframe Recordings to deliver his first Single release on Vienna’s acclaimed Drum & Bass imprint.

A stomping mean machine, “Raw” smashed dancefloors across Europe, while the Funk and disjointed drum work in “High Are U”, made necks snap. Kutlo’s sound sculpting abilities are characterized by always keeping up that distinctively gritty Lo-Fi aesthetics at super precise mixdowns for ultimate Floor damage and he has given us his favorite selections which inspired him to make such uncompromising bangers.

The Qemists – Stompbox (Spor Remix)

I still remember first time hearing this track in Need for Speed:
Undercover back in 2009. It introduced me to the whole Electronic
subgenre that changed my life – Drum and Bass.

Skeptical – Process of Elimination

One of the first deeper and darker drum&bass tracks that I found.
Started my love for deep tunes and also was part of my DJ tracklist
for many years.

Supermode – Tell Me Why

Timeless classic for me. Introduction to the EDM music when I was a
 kid while watching TV music channels.

Camo & Krooked – Menace (Mefjus Remix)

New era for dnb began when this track was released. As soon as I
heard it, I knew Mefjus is going to be one to remember. As you can
see, I was right.

Polographia – Last (Moonbase Commander Remix)

Emotional synths and deep Reese bass in this tune are from outer
space. Really love this kind of atmospheric trap beats.

Synergy – Dark Machine

Somehow the perfect sounding modern dnb track for me. Mixdown, sound
design and whole arrangement with an influence of techno are amazing.
Level of production I would love to achieve in the future.

Gesaffelstein – Opr

Pure madness. This is a soundtrack of devil and hell itself. Reminds 
me of the movie “Blade.

Odesza – How Did I Get Here

My favorite Electronic producers when it comes to” happy music”. Their
sampling and summer vibe is really cool. I have seen them live 2 years
ago and was one of the best shows I ever witnessed.

Noisia & Upbeats – Dust Up

When somebody asks me what is Drum and Bass, I just tell them to
listen to this tune. Even though it does not represent the whole genre
it is the “classic” tune which everyone knows and everyone likes.

Daryl Hall & John Oates – Out of Touch

80s classic. Those synths and drums are just pure class. These kinds of 
retro songs really influence my sound design and widen my music

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