KUURO And Psycho Boys Club Unveil Dark Hard Dance Single “D.E.A.L”

kuuro d.e.a.l

Months after the release of his melodic trap single “Waiting,” multifaceted producer KUURO returned to Monstercat today accompanied by hard dance prodigies Psycho Boys Club for their debut collaborative single, “D.E.A.L.”

Inspired by the apocalyptic world in the Blade franchise, “D.E.A.L” transports listeners to a dark and ominous soundscape narrated by an omnipotent sinister voice. The intense and grimy energy is perpetuated by the pulsating arpeggiators, deep bassline, and thumping kicks.

KUURO shares, “This song is special to me, not only because of the fact that I got to work with two extremely talented friends, but it’s also the first time I’ve ever done a track like this! I love throwing myself into new genres and forms of music, and I think it’s one of the best ways to keep your creative muscles flexing and developing!”

Psycho Boys Club adds, “We made this song specifically for vampires and vampire-related activities.”


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