KUURO Unveils Melodic Trap Banger “Waiting” Featuring Bianca

kuuro waiting

Following the release of his bass-heavy track “Collapse”, KUURO returned to Monstercat today with his saucy new single, “Waiting” featuring singer-songwriter Bianca.

With its aggressive synth stabs, screeching guitar leads, and gritty basses, “Waiting” is poised to be a dancefloor stomper. Bianca’s powerful vocals sit perfectly in the mix, adding a layer of emotional energy to KUURO’s snarling bass sensibilities.

KUURO shares, “‘Waiting’ is probably one of my favorite records I’ve ever worked on. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to fit everything I wanted into a song and still feel like I’m not overcomplicating the record. The fine-tuning that Bianca and I put into this song definitely eclipses a lot of other tracks I’ve worked on throughout my career. Beyond that, what really blows my mind is the hard work and effort from others that was put into this whole release. My team and I have been working with people spanning 4 continents to get everything right for this. I can’t wait for you all to see and hear what’s in store!”

Bianca adds, “It’s been so great to collaborate with KUURO again on “Waiting” and I’m so happy it’s finally out in the world.”


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