Kygo announces new album, and its coming out in 2 weeks!


Kygo’s new album will be titled – Kids In Love, and shall be released worldwide on November 3!

Norwegian sensation, Kygo hasn’t been in the news off late and its been strange, considering he was all any EDM fan would talk about last year. Well, after touring all across the globe, spreading all the new music he’s come up with on tour and his ‘Cloud Nine’ album, Kygo is back with a whole lot of new music.

The title track of the album was released just yesterday and we can just imagine how good the other tracks on his album are set to be. Check out the announcement for the album here.

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Here’s the first single and title track – Kids In Love (featuring The Night Game)

Here’s the expected tracklist of the LP and as you can see, there are some huge names in there ;)

Kygo feat. Wrabel – With You
Kygo – I See You
Kygo feat. JHart – Permanent
Kygo feat. Jason Walker – Sunrise
Kygo feat. Bonnie McKee – Riding Shotgun
Kygo feat. John Newman – Never Let You Go
Kygo feat. OneRepublic – Stranger Things
Kygo feat. The Night Game – Kids in Love

The likes of John Newman, OneRepublic, Wrabel and more feature as collaborators on the album. Time to get excited and wait till November to hype over Kygo for yet another year!

Kygo even got some of his friends and collaborators to tell fans of how it felt to be a ‘kid in love’ to promote the track. Here are some of their responses:

#KidsInLove @thechainsmokers

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#KidsInLove @ryantedder ??

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#KidsInLove @vindiesel

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#KidsInLove @josephineskriver ?

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#KidsInLove @adriangrenier

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#KidsInLove @juanmatagarcia ⚽️

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What was your favourite moment being a kid in love?

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