Kyogre Unleashes His Debut EP ‘Demons’ On Hybrid Trap

Kyogre demons

New York based up and coming DJ/Producer Kyogre released his first EP through Hybrid Trap records and calling it a massive release would be an understatement. ‘Demons’ EP is out now.

Hybrid trap is one of electronic music’s most unexplored and under-appreciated genres. Hybrid trap is a blend of traditional trap music with other contemporary genres like Dubstep, House, Psytrance etc. It has rose to prominence during the early days of Trap and its introduction to the mainstage. Demons EP is a perfect introduction to any new Hybrid Trap listener. It covers various aspects of this broad genre without compromising its production quality and originality. Give it a listen.

Electronic music is always prone to saturation and Trap is one of the victims. But ‘Demons’ is a completely different story. This EP is an all-round display of sheer talent and creativity. Kyogre successfully narrates a futuristic Hybrid trap story while flirting with various genres like Dubstep and Speed House.

Every track in this sonically pleasing EP shows a different side of the artist. This 4-track EP wastes no time in delivering bangers. Its first record ‘Squeeze’ sets a great stage for the rest of the EP. It is filled with delicious wubs and warm melodies which make it festival ready. Variations like triplets add another layer to this record. Second track ‘Don’t Wanna’ is the embodiment of energy. Powerful Buildup, Grimy bassline and a Bass/Powerhouse switch up grant this record the explosive power it needs. The third record ‘Turn It Up’ is a collaboration with Hip Hop artist Tiing.

Needless to say, Kyogre outperforms and delivers artistic excellence. Tiing’s lyrical knowledge and raw skill help him deliver catchy hooks that go well with Kyogre’s edgy instrumental. ‘Turn It Up’ is a great blend of Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep and Speed House. Last, but not the least, the title track seals the deal. While the other tracks show an energetic side of the artist, ‘Demons’ does the exact opposite.

This record conveys serene emotions and paints a calmer picture compared to the rest. With DnB like percussions laced around a trap beat and atmospheric synths enveloping the record, ‘Demons’ takes the listener on an artistic journey like no other. Overall, this EP is a production masterpiece.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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