L.A Duo Peppermint Heaven Share Potent New 80’s Leaning Single, “Get Your Groove In Line”

peppermint heaven Get Your Groove In Line

Fast becoming known around the world for their uniquely modern take on the 80’s music aesthetic, L.A songwriting and production duo Peppermint Heaven return this summer with their strongest EP to date.

Since receiving critical acclaim for their unique sound, and working with some of the world’s most exciting new production talents. Juno (Keys & Vox) and Spark (Bass, Drums, Vox) are taking their sound to the next level with the ‘Dreams’ EP due for release at the end of Summer.

There can be no doubt that Juno and Spark have seen their hard-work and prolific output paid off in the last few years of their journey. Their support across Spotify’s playlist landscape has seen them smash beyond the 7 million streams mark on the platform. Their brave takes on 80’s music have procured them a cult following and they have expanded into the electronic music space by working with remixers across the globe.

This year has already seen the prolific songwriting duo share their unique and innovative EP ‘Red Balloons’ alongside an effervescent release from UK producer Oscuro. The new single ‘Get Your Groove In Line’ does exactly that. It’s a punchy, groove rich piece of 80’s bliss with potent drums and an uplifting feel.


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