Laszlo drops his much anticipated debut album – Liftoff

Laszlo liftoff

The young artist is set to make your year end on a high!

Willem Lazlo’s first ever album is now out. The talented producer who has unleased hit singles one after the other has now revealed a 10-track debut album, “Liftoff”. Offering a seamless experience with carefully crafted music, the young artist is set to make your year end on a high. The album is now out on Monstercat.

Along with the lead track “Rendezvous”, the artist takes you on a roller-coaster ride with the catchy tracks like “Airglow”, “You’ll Be Fine”, “Jettison” and more.

Opening in a rich manner, with stellar drum works, the start to his iconic debut album is dramatic and captivating. Things get really energetic as “Gravity” makes its entry, and the same is carried forward to the next track “Red Shift”, which offers a classic, vintage vibe. “Airglow” isn’t new to his fans and sets a definition to his production skills, while “You’ll Be Fine” acts as a great transition, with its subtle synth works and melodic exuberance.

“Sphere” offers what you may call a trippy vibe, which very evidently extends to the next track “Jettison” as well, making you go absolutely crazy in your mind. A more rumbling experience is what “Under Pressure” offers as it makes way for the title track “Rendezvous” to make noise. With an incredible display of melodic elements and crisp drum and bass works, the title track drives you towards the final track “Better”, which is absolutely soothing, and mature in its vibe.

The fast-rising artist is completely self-taught with zero musical lessons or instrument tutoring. The brain behind Laszlo got his start tinkering with FL Studios and watching YouTube videos on the subject. Citing influences from artists such as The M Machine and Monstercat’s own Haywyre as well as the likes of Fox Stevenson, Laszlo pushes himself to be as undefinable as his idols.

This album was long due and certainly showcases the skill of the artist in its truest form. We wish Laszlo humongous success on this debut album. Share this album with your friends right now and download it here.


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