Le Malls reveals new trap city single ‘Touch’ with Imogen Mahdavi

Le Malls

In an ever- growing electronic scene there are a few producers which stand out from the crowd that will continuously bring and original sound.

Eighteen-year-old, Le Malls is one of those artists which strives to be original with every release. Breaking out into the electronic music industry in early 2017, his past three releases have seen over 20,000,000 streams and has gained him notoriety amongst his peers and idols alike.

Touch ft. Imogen Mahdavi is a track that was made completely organically and off the cuff during a session in London, England. A piece of magic which jumps out of the regular sounds in electronic and bass music. Le Malls comments that “the idea of this track was to make something different to everything that everyone is currently listening to but make it accessible to everyone around the world”. The idea that music can touch the entire population no matter what genre it is classified into.

Download it here.

With the music scene that is heavily revolved around classifying tracks into certain labels and genres, he has made it his goal to release music which breaks the barriers across all music. “I hate it when people give me a direction to compose music into a genre because it’s the easy way to place my music. If I just write what I feel I hope that people will believe in the music and it doesn’t matter what genre or style I am composing in”. With Touch, he has done just that. The ability to compose across many different genres is a tribulation which all producers strive to achieve and at the young age of eighteen he has achieved his goals.

The brilliant vocals on this track come from English-born singer, Imogen Mahdavi. Her voice brings a special warmth to the song which really resonates the passion which is conveyed in her voice. The tracks mixes the production by Le Malls and her vocal style perfectly to blend pop, future bass and trap music.


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