Leftwing:Kody Teams Up With Goodboys For Melancholic House Trip ’Only You’

leftwing:kody only you

In a spur of vocally driven club sentiment, acclaimed techno act Leftwing:Kody teams up with fellow UK duo Goodboys, one of contemporary dance music’s most celebrated duo’s, for the melancholic deep house tune “Only You.”

Built around a fierce beat, ominous bass chords and Goodboys’ moody vocals, famed ever since their Meduza hit collabs “Lose Control” and “Piece Of Your Heart,” this record sets off into club bliss as it blends heartfelt lyrics with a powerful groove – custom made to mesmerize the crowd, officially out now on Musical Freedom.

UK duo Leftwing Kody knows how to build bridges. With almost a decade of experience, they’ve constructed a solid reputation with both the underground and mainstream audience. It’s their techno inspired tracks that strike a chord, always featuring warm grooves and powerful melodies, honoring the classic house sound while building something fresh for themselves.

Crossing genres is what they do, and they do it brilliantly – emphasized with popular club tunes like 2019’s “I Feel It” and last year’s Musical Freedom release “Coming Home.”

In a similar flow, Grammy-nominated writer/producer duo Goodboys have caught the attention of a global audience with their vocally driven records. Blending the dark energy of dance music with poppy, infectious hooks and melodies, the guys reached a milestone in 2019 alongside Meduza, scoring huge hits with “Lose Control” and “Piece Of Your Heart.”

With international radio support and hundreds of millions of streams under their belt, Goodboys remained loyal to the club, dropping house infused records like 2020’s “Goodbye” and this year’s teamup with Vintage Culture on hit record “This Feeling.”

Now, another dream collab has arrived, as Leftwing:Kody provides a stellar production to accompany Goodboys radiant sound.

“Only You” sets off on a powerful groove, hot on percussion and subtle melodics, while the vocals build momentum towards ominous bass chords. As the groove breaks down, it’s these melancholic vibes that take the lead, making room for Goodboys’ heartfelt lyrics, referring to ‘only you, only me.’

It’s a sentimental ride; a love song in essence, packed in a moody club vibe that’s sure to touch the crowd. “Only You” will make you feel the emotions, but let you dance them off in the most captivating way – courtesy of two UK acts at their very best.


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