Legendary Icelandic Band Gusgus announce forthcoming ‘Lies Are More Flexible’ album


Iconic Icelandic electronic band Gusgus, comprised of Biggi Veira and Daníel Ágúst, today announces the forthcoming release of their tenth studio album ‘Lies Are More Flexible’ – out Feb 23rd via their label Oroom.

To celebrate the announcement, Gusgus have released ‘Featherlight’, the first track on their forthcoming album, as a single EP comprised of four tracks.

Listen: Gusgus ‘Featherlight’ EP (Spotify)

Featherlight kicks off with an epic arpeggiated synthline, driven by a club ready 4/4 kick. Daníel’s vocals drift atop the soundscape, providing a soothing melody above the analog, machine-heavy instrumental below. Spiraling is the second track on the record, continuing the thematic focus of the EP with enveloping, broken-chord synths that break into a grooving relay of pulsing electronica, invoking a motion aptly described by the track title.

Featherlight ([email protected]) strips back the original mix, focusing on a singular vocal refrain, increasing the tempo and delivering a trance-like pulsing bassline that works in perfect harmony with the synth-work. The instrumental version of Featherlight rounds off the EP.

Featherlight sets the tone for Gusgus’ eagerly anticipated forthcoming ‘Lies Are More Flexible’ album. Gusgus are one of the most highly regarded and long standing electronic acts from Iceland. Their insatiable desire to push the boundaries of electronic music performance has seen them foster one of the must-see live acts in the world today, extending tracks and soundscapes in a way unique to each performance. Their genre-defying original style and remixes for legendary acts such as Depeche Mode, Björk and Sigur Rós, have consistently found increasing relevance within an ever-changing electronic music scene.


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