Lenzman Teams Up With Children Of Zeus For ‘Rain’

Lenzman Rain

Following on from his LP announcement and single release of Pictures Of You ft. DRS earlier this month, Lenzman has dropped the second single from the upcoming Bobby LP – Rain ft. esteemed hip-hop duo Children Of Zeus via Metalheadz.

Soothing jazz licks and delicate chimes lead Rain towards hip-hop infused breakdown with Children Of Zeus wordsmiths adding their lyrical soul above Lenzman’s rapid basslines, glistening percussion, and heavy subs. With the producer’s decade of learning, experimenting and growth shining through this versatile production, combined with Konny Kon and Tyler Daley’s (Children Of Zeus) signature flair, Rain gives an impressive glimpse into Lenzman’s forthcoming Bobby LP.

Since stepping on the scene back in 2007, Lenzman has continued to flourish as an artist known for his fluid approach, bold collaborations and genre-defying moments that have built him a loyal fanbase who eagerly await his next move. Having collaborated with a variety of artists including Artificial Intelligence, Redeyes, FD, Zero T, Submorphics, DRS and Children Of Zeus who return for Rain, Lenzman has some more exciting and familiar faces set to return on the new LP. More recently the revered producer has also provided the remix treatment for Joe Hertz’ One Another and The Mouse Outfit’s Feeling High. With a slew of notable appearances on the likes of Spearhead Records, SGN:LTD, Soul:r and his rising North Quarter imprint over the years, the new single and forthcoming album on Metalheadz are primed to satisfy the bubbling cravings of patiently waiting for Lenzman fans whilst capturing the ears of a wider global audience.

Lenzman – Rain ft. Children Of Zeus is out now via Metalheadz.


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