Levela delivers a sinister banger for his latest offering on Program


Levela has been in the game for over ten years, which shows just how dedicated he is to his craftsmanship, something which he is about to bring to Program’s undeniably varied roster.

This is something he’s proven throughout every record he’s dropped across a number of different labels, although his forthcoming single on Program breathes life into a sub-genre which has dominated the scene’s gloomiest depths since its sudden explosion throughout its clubs. His new offerings don’t water down Levela’s sound and instead demonstrate why he’s such a sought after name throughout the live circuit. He pays homage to the underground roots of Program and shows how they continue to diversify the label’s sonic artillery.

‘Blown Fuse’ has the same vicious appetite, with its distorted swathes of percussion and rolling crunches of rolling bass. Alongside Levela, it’s once again time to get with the Program; One which still defies expectations with every release.

Sagar Deshmukh
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