Lorenzo De Blanck Is Back With Another EP, ‘Hey Baby’

lorenzo de blanck hey baby

Lorenzo de Blanck is an Italian artist whose new release is on Jamie Jones’ Hottrax and it’s a stripped back tech house EP with percussive grooves.

This is the second time Lorenzo de Blanck has featured on Hottrax following a previous release a couple of years ago. Having continued to develop his sound and grow an international following, this much anticipated new EP is an impressive selection of tracks that utilise bassline hooks and ingenious use of samples.

Some might also recognise Lorenzo de Blanck from his contributions to other record labels ranging from Bedrock to Moon Harbour and his regular gig schedule shows he is also a talented DJ.

All three of the tracks on this new EP are cuts well-suited to peak time moments on the dance floor. The release opens with “Hey Baby” which is also the EP’s title cut and it’s a seductive track that draws you in with glitchy percussion and chopping vocal sample.

“Take Me High” brings the funk with its rolling bassline and flowing conga rhythms that blend with an old-school disco sample that is complimented by the call and response of the bass and synth line.

“Central Station” brings proceedings to a close with the push and pull of a wobbly synth line that it propelled by the high-speed percussion rhythms. Full of deep atmosphere, the clean-cut use of the hip hop vocal samples makes those lyrics really stand out from the trippy backing track.


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