Loud Luxury Link Up With Frank Walker & Stephen Puth For ‘Like Gold’

loud luxury like gold

Canadian stream machines Loud Luxury have added to their hit-packed discography with another ridiculously catchy single. Hotly anticipated since the release of their ‘Nights Like This EP’ and ‘Aftertaste’ (feat. Morgan St. Jean) in March this year, ‘Like Gold’ sees them shake hands with 2020 JUNO nominated (and fellow Canadian) DJ and producer Frank Walker and American singer-songwriter Stephen Puth.

Following on several top-drawer singles released through their ‘Nights Like This EP’, ‘Like Gold’ marks the next dance-pop hybrid track from Loud Luxury. Combining a suspenseful instrumental backdrop with immersive vocals that draw listeners in by the dozen, this 24-karat collab with Frank Walker and L.A.-based singer-songwriter Stephen Puth is as pure, precious, and sought-after as its title implies.

“We’ve been friends with Frank since our university days playing shows across Canada”, Loud Luxury explain. “When we moved to Los Angeles, we met Stephen and we quickly became great friends. The vocal for ‘Like Gold’ actually started when he was over at our house for a barbecue. After a few drinks, we convinced Stephen to jump into the booth and that’s how the song started. Bringing together where we came from and where we are today into one song was very special to us. We hope you enjoy!”

“This is such a special song for me, as I’ve been close with Andrew & Joe (Loud Luxury) for years”, Frank Walker adds. “We all started DJing at the same time in university, have played countless shows together, and have been looking for the perfect record to collab on for a long time. To me, ‘Like Gold’ is the perfect combination of what we can both bring to the table: a mix of driving basslines, melodic breakdowns and lyrics that are both ballad-y and hooky at the same time. We all put a special part of ourselves into this record and I think it really shows. The final touch that Stephen Puth’s singing added to the song really took things next level. His voice really adds a melancholic-pop feeling to the song and drives the emotion of ‘Like Gold’ home. Everything in the track came together perfectly. I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

“I’m incredibly happy to be a part of ‘Like Gold’ with Loud Luxury and Frank Walker”, Stephen Puth says. “Collaborating with friends is always a great way to make music. We all brought our own styles of music to the table and ended up with a unique song.”


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