Low Lite Proves His Potential With Dynamic EP, “Primary”

Low Lite Primary EP

At only 19 years old, Low Lite emerges to the forefront of up-and-coming producers with his dynamic debut EP, Primary.

The title Primary refers to primary colors and the visual part of the electro-magnetic spectrum, transitioning from infrared to ultraviolet. Low Lite provides a broad point of view, with the figures poetically representing Earth (blue) and two of its closest celestial bodies, the Moon (yellow) and Mars (red). Primary symbolizes the different moods each color is commonly associated with to deliver a well-rounded body of work. Rather than sticking to one particular style or genre, Low Lite showcases three unique styles and feelings to signal the diversity of his future music. This three-track EP marks the beginning for Lorenzo as an artist and cements that he is one to keep an eye on.

Starting with red, listeners are introduced to a hypnotic cauldron of emotions with downtempo “Love Cadenza.” Red represents passion, intensity, love, anger, and lust, and stays true to Low Lite’s classical roots. Yellow symbolizes joy, laughter, happiness, and enlightenment, utilizing many jazz techniques to provide particularly uplifting and fun energy. To accomplish this, Low Lite enlists the help of Chicago-rapper ProbCause to consolidate hip-hop and groovy soundscapes before ethnomusicologist Balkan Bump joins with his signature trumpet to add a soulful flavor to “HyperJoy.” Blue is symbolic of the state of the world, and it simultaneously represents sadness and hope. Low Lite draws inspiration from the people on Earth, good and bad, as well as the oceans. The result is something that represents the tight spot humanity is in, while concurrently emphasizing the reasons why social change is necessary. Featuring the mystifying vocals of Irene Waye, listeners are encouraged to move to see “A Better Day” as the EP approaches a tranquil conclusion.


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