Lowland and MARiANNA reveal enigmatic new single – Infinite Loudness


Finnish DJ and producer Lowland releases a brand new single – Infinite Loudness, taken from his latest We’ve Been Here Before LP, featuring MARiANNA on vocals.

Out on Blackhole Recordings, the track titled Infinite Loudness is as enigmatic in its production as the name and we’re sure you’ll love it.

Starting off in a mystical fashion, with deep vocals and rumbling synths, the track sucks you into its dark vibe. The thumping beats, orchestral drums, and the intense vocals add up to make the track an exciting piece of production. With trance-like synths and an atmospheric feeling in the interlude, the track surges into the climax leaving you with a feeling of being transported to a whole new world. With a variety of musical elements, the artists together have created something truly memorable. Vocals on this one are fantastic, to say the least, and keep you hooked to the track all throughout!

The album that just came out recently is home to some incredible music in the form of tracks like An Approach, The Other Side, Blackbird, Machines Have Hearts, Frozen Butterflies and many others. Each of it will definitely cast a lasting spell on you. Here’s our take on the album.

For people who haven’t heard of the artist before, We’ve Been Here Before is a great introduction and will certainly convince you to follow this talent for a long time to come.

Listen to this intense new track here and leave your comments about it below!

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