LP Giobbi And Born Dirty Unveils New Single, ’24’

lp giobbi 24

LP Giobbi and Born Dirty embark on a disco frenzy with their new offering “24,” a fever-inducing single slated for release on Insomniac Records.

Praised for being eclectic tastemakers of unrivaled measure, the house music mainstays are seen fusing their strengths on their first co-produced track together. Based on their individual track records, the union between the esteemed synth warrior LP Giobbi and the multicultural groove specialist Born Dirty plays out as the perfect confluence of contagious energy and electrifying rhythm.

With all the right ingredients to set the dancefloor ablaze, “24” is underpinned by an infectious vocal hook heeding the call of an all-night boogie marathon. Funk-fueled basslines and glossy guitar riffs give life to the glitz and glamour that drive its strut-worthy charm, while sleazy horn riffs work in unison with the vocal harmonies to push the excitement through the roof. Full of character and spunky spirit, it’s the ultimate record to make the crowd feel like they are the main character from one of the fabled stories of the genre’s legacy.

“Mika and I got a chance to hang in the studio about a year ago and started sharing ideas including some inspiration from a disco record,” says LP Giobbi. “We spent a good amount of time working on the balance between the disco vibes and hitting the dance floor just right. Been road testing this one for a while and it’s ready to burn the disco!”

One set specifically comes to mind: Just a couple of months ago when LP Giobbi and Born Dirty split the decks during an ionic back-to-back set at the Insomniac Records label showcase from this year’s EDC Week.

The chemistry they shared was so unbelievably pure, it could have very well been cooked up in a lab. Shining at the top of the cratedigger’s dream setlist was this shimmery showstopper, serving as the perfect warm up for their solo performances on the stereoBLOOM stage at EDC Las Vegas later that weekend.

Whether you’re soaking up the sun at a daytime shindig, lacing up those roller skates at the nearest rink, or simply owning the catwalk in the privacy of your own home, LP Giobbi and Born Dirty’s new single “24” is the magic number you’ll need right by your side.


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