Lucille Croft teams up with SWARM to release new single – Psycho


Lucille Croft (Australia) and Swarm (US) have teamed up to drop one of the heaviest, darkest and most innovative singles we’ve heard so far this year.

Just released on Bourne Recordings, their debut collab ‘Psycho’ is an enticing mash of mid-tempo and dark house – perhaps the beginning of a new era of ‘haunted house’ music. The song delivers a combination of bass, a creepy yet cool vocal, a heavy driving bassline, and a mysterious yet powerful energy. This song has a unique darker edge to it, something that will send a chill up your spine.

Both artists have been making serious names for themselves in their home countries, building fanbases expanding to all over the world. The fusion of Swarm’s incredibly dark, haunting auteur combined with Lucille Croft’s signature driving basslines and energy is unbelievably satisfying.

This will be the 6th release for Melbourne-based producer Lucille Croft on revered label Bourne Recordings, as well as her having released on Pinnacle Collective with Nukid, and soon to be having her debut release on New Noise. This girl is a becoming a rising star in Australia, delivering consistent release after release, with a very unique dark, a bassy signature sound that is second to none.

Having been described as the ‘slender man of EDM’, Floridian-based producer Swarm is quickly becoming one of the most talked about producers to rise in the US, catching the attention of heavy-hitters like Porter Robinson, Varien and Rezz – just to name a few. Having released his debut EP Corrupt earlier in the year, his dark, aggressive and yet authentic sound is only going to get bigger.

This is the first collaboration between these two artists, and it couldn’t be more perfect. Here’s hoping it’s going to be one of many more to come from these two working together.

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