Magnificence launch a special challenge to celebrate the release of their new single


The much-anticipated comeback release from Magnificence is now out and it’s called Closer. Out on STMPD RCRDS, the release also marks the launch of a unique challenge, the #CloserChallenge.

The Dutch duo who are making big noise in the electro house and progressive scene, are changing the way we perceive the genres. There’s no reason why Swedish House Mafia would not feature the first tracks of Magnificence EP during their reunion set at the UMF 2018 in Miami.

The opening is full of thumping beats, that slowly lead into a frenzy of highly energetic drop that can get any crowd going! The grip that the track has on you is simply amazing, as the dynamic music ventures into the bad-ass interlude. Gaining momentum from there on, it simply climaxes in a mind-blowing fashion!

What makes this release interesting is the challenge that comes along with it. The #CloserChallenge intends to bring the world closer and celebrate the realness of humans. On Friday, September 7th the closer challenge started with a teaser video and the press release which will activate people to participate in the closer challenge/movement by making a video. Fans are asked to check out the teaser video and respond to it with a continuation of the theme, filming a close-up of themselves with two black or white Xs on their eyes and sharing inspirational messages alongside it. This can be a solo effort—like a message on a white paper, or something more elaborate alongside friends. The fans are expected to share their lessons, learnings, and pieces of advice that they would like to share with the world.

With the teaser having been released, the final results will be compiled into one amazing video will be launched during the ADE! Here’s the teaser:

Be a part of this amazing project and do your bit in bringing the world much closer! What better way to do it as you dance your way to happiness by listening to Closer.

Share the challenge with your friends right away- you may stand a chance to be featured too!

Pavan Kumar


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