Manse feat. Maruja Retana – Where We Want To Be

Maruja Retana

If Manse’s previous releases have taught us one thing, it’s that the Swedish DJ/producer’s hard work and innate talent make for first-rate records. As if to prove that statement, Manse partnered with Dutch vocalist Maruja Retana to release ‘Where We Want To Be’, a bedazzling offering that makes even the most polished records feel like cracked asphalt.

Progressive House in its most uplifting form, ‘Where We Want To Be’ is a flawless gem gilded with Maruja Retana’s vocals. Well-rounded and blissful from the get-go, it oozes production skill and passion for music while remaining suited for numerous rounds of hands-in-the-air action at the world’s most prestigious festivals.

Download it here.


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