Marc Straight Unveils New Single, ‘Beauty in Transience’

marc straight beauty in transience

Marc Straight is showcasing the transformative process of shifting pain into power with the release of his debut album, “Beauty in Transience,” out on May 15th, 2022.

On “Beauty In Transience,” Marc Straight lays his heart out on the table in a journey that began with the urge to progress melodically, and in due course evolved into a divine product of life’s uncertainties.

“Beauty in Transience might be different to me than it is to others. I began writing it in 2018 because I just loved melodic dubstep and wanted to get better. However, I changed it over the course of 2020 until now as a way to process the struggle of grief when losing people in my life that meant the world to me.
Now, Beauty in Transience is multiple stories, multiple perspectives all coming together to form one cohesive ideal – life can be difficult. It can feel impossible to be okay but there are people that love and need us to keep trying and one day it’ll be better. I hope listening to the album helps someone as much as it helped me during the writing process.” – Marc Straight

The album highlights a slew of female talent in the electronic music industry featuring collaborations with Yuki, Ellen Rose, Azuria Sky, Dani King, and Gracie Van Brunt. Vocals from emerging artist Immeral intensify the longing felt through the lyrics on “Stay.” Marc Straight switches gears on the next track with California-based producer Eighti8 on “Distant Heart” for some headbang-worthy drops, enhanced by Dani King’s rousing chords.

A dynamic collection of swelling drops and mellifluous cadence, this 9-track album is sure to pull at one’s heartstrings. Meticulously crafted from the most delicate production and vocals, “Beauty In Transience ” is a notable feat for Marc Straight.


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