Marco Faraone Unveils Two-Tracker ‘Timeless / Mirror Games’

Marco Faraone Timeless / Mirror Games

Marco Faraone embraces his melodic inclinations on his latest offering, ‘Timeless / Mirror Games,’ a double-sided single serving as his debut appearance with Factory 93.

It’s truly hard to pin down the indomitable Italian producer. He has proven himself capable of crafting everything from party-starting house to immersive techno, and almost any shade in-between. On his upcoming forthcoming two-tracker, Marco explores the more melodic side of the techno spectrum, demonstrating his undeniable vitality in that space.

The EP kicks off with “Timeless,” which melds thunderous drums and bass with a crisp, tastefully saturated synth melody that is at once immense and uplifting. As we enter the break, the melody slows to a snail’s pace, building back up in both speed and intensity as we’re carried back into an epic crash of groove and energy in the track’s final section. It’s perfect for adding a bit of color to an otherwise dark and percussion-focused set.

“Mirror Games” too combines airy melodic elements with raw, driving techno production, yet leans a bit deeper and more introspective. Waves of ride cymbals wash over the mix as the track picks up energy before washing away into a sea of synthesizer pads drenched in reverb. A distorted Moog-reminiscent bass begins to ebb as a rush of snares and melody lead us back into the groove. The track complements its counterpart perfectly.

“I played this track many times and it always had an incredible reaction and I’m really happy that I found the perfect platform to release it,” says Marco Faraone. “I believe Factory 93 is the right label to let this track see the light.”

‘Timeless / Mirror Games’ is a stellar two-track affair, out everywhere on Friday, November 19th via Factory 93.


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